How to Add Fish to an Aquarium

Once the new aquarium cycle is completed, one of the most exciting things in the hobby is adding new fish to your tank! For have better success with your fish it is important to follow some guideline. Here's how to add fish to your aquarium.

Begin with Easy Care Non Aggressive Fish:

Green ChromisStarting with hardy, non-aggressive fish is a great way to stock your tank. It will allow these more docile fish to establish safe zones in the tank before you start adding more aggressive fish. It's also a good idea to add some clean up crew critters such as snail and hermit crabs at this time.

Know Your Fish Store:

LFSBefore you buy any new fish, get to know your local fish store. Do not buy any fish that are new arrivals, as they may have unseen problems such as parasites. Talk to the owner of your LFS and ask about their quarantine procedure and how they treat sick fish. Get to know their stay alive policy, and have them test your water as well. That way both parties know that the water quality in either tank is not an issue. A good LFS will take the time to get to know you and establish a long term business relationship with you.

Know the Backstory:

fish harvestingGet to know where the fish in your LFS come from. Typically fish that are captive bread do better in aquariums, but this is not always the case. Wild caught fish can do just as well providing they have had plenty of time to get used to being in an aquarium. Understand the supply chain of your fish and try to make sure you are purchasing from ethical re-sellers that source sustainable aquarium fish. This will help ensure that you get healthy fish, and that the hobby stays honest.

Fish ID:

Fish ID ChartDo your due diligence before purchasing any fish and adding it to your tank. There are plenty of books and online resources available to research the type of fish you are considering. Doing your research before purchasing can help you to avoid lots of problems like adding a belligerent fish that is difficult to remove from a tank.

Safe Harbor:

DoryMake your aquarium as comfortable as possible for your fish, and they will have a much higher chance to live longer, healthier lives. If a fish is stressed out and harassed, whether it is due to poor water conditions or being hassled from a bossy tank mate, they are more susceptible to sickness, parasites and death.