Friday Fish Facts - The Zebra Dart Goby

zebra dartfish 1The Zebra Dart Goby (Ptereleotris zebra) is also known as the Zebra Dartfish, the Barred Dartfish or the Bar Goby. It hails from the Indo-West Pacific region and can grow to a maximum length of 4.5" inches, however most of the Zebra Dart Gobies you will find in the aquarium hobby will tend to be between 2" to 3" inches in length.

zebra dartfish 2The minimum tank size for the Barred Goby is 20 gallons, making them perfect for nano reef tanks. Provide a sand bed for them to burrow into at night, and lots of rock work for them to hide in during the day. The Zebra Dartfish is a very peaceful fish and gets along well with other gobies. Keep aggressive fish out of the tank as they have a tendency to harass the Barred Dartfish.

zerba goby 3Once acclimated to it's tank, the Bar Goby is a very active swimmer and displays bright and vivid coloration, some with yellow gradations to green along it's body, broken up by vertical orange stripes. A visual stunner, the Zebra Dart Goby is also a very hardy fish that is generally disease resistant.

zebra goby 4The Barred Dartfish is a planktivore should be fed 1 - 2 times per day. A menu of live brine and mysid shrimps is preferred but they will accept smaller chunks of meaty frozen foods. The Zebra Dartfish will feed on foods suspended in the water column.