Slime Time Problems: The dreaded Red Slime Algae!

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Yes, the dreaded red slime algae..... it happens to everyone at some point or another.

Nasty Red Slime Algae Can Ruin the Beauty of your Reef Tank!

From my experience with this, it's usually a combination of several factors that contribute to the presence of red slime algae (cyanobacteria). The first culprit being high carbon dioxide (and possibly low oxygen) levels as a result low water flow, high nitrate and/or phosphate levels, and lastly too long of a photo period on your lighting.

The best way to treat it is to take a multiple treatment approach, but do be cautious so as not to make too dramatic changes all at once.

First, to get rid of the red slime right away, use a product like Boyd Chemi-Clean, or Blue Life Red Cyano RX, or Aqua Vision Aquatics Cyano Solution.

Chemical Red Slime Treatments are Available in both Powder & Liquid Form


Be sure to follow the directions closely! Also, when using these products, you will need to siphon off as much of the slime as possible and get it out of your tank. Usually this will take care of the immediate problem in one treatment, but a second treatment may be needed. Be cautious when using these products and again, follow the directions closely!

Once you have eliminated the red slime, you want to prevent it from coming back.

Make sure your water is getting properly oxygenated to help reduce carbon dioxide. This can be as simple as having your returns disrupt the water surface, and making sure the is a little trickle over the overflow in the back (thus introducing oxygen into the water). Or you can use an air pump and an airstone, but I don't like to do this personally.



Next, make sure the waterflow inside the tank is higher. you can accomplish this using an internal circulation pump like a Hydor Koralia. Be sure to select a pump that will provide adequate waterflow for your size tank.




Timers are a Great Way to Keep Lighting Periods Consistent.


Lastly, try shortening the duration that the lights are on, but make sure you decrease the time gradually. Don't make dramatic changes in the photo period right away, introduce small changes steadily over time by decreasing the photo period by 15 minute increments every few days. Try using a timer on your lights if you don't have one already.

This should do the trick. Be patient, be persistent and eventually you will win the battle against the dreaded Red Slime Algae and have the primo beauty tank you desire! For more detailed information about Red Slime Algae, take a look at this article on

Primo Beauty Tank!



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