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Triton Base Elementz Part 3b, 1 Liter

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Triton Base Elementz Part 3b Balanced Ionic Solution

Triton Base Elementz - A Reef Builders Editor's Pick. Base Elementz 3b is a super high-quality product!  The backbone of the Triton "method", Base Elementz 3b helps maintain the proper carbonate hardness, calcium, and trace elements in your system. Base Elementz 3b has been developed to deliver vital macro and trace elements to reef aquaria. The trace elements provided not only benefit corals, they also provide for the algae in the refugium which support vital nutrient export in the aquariums natural filtration cycles.  Base Elementz 3b is part of a balanced 4 part formula of elements, which helps foster coral growth, healthy polyp extension and sharp color.  When converting an established system to the Triton "method", we recommend an initial water analysis using the Triton Lab Test Kit.


NOTICE: It is strongly recommended that you only purchase the Base Elementz as a set of that is to be dosed simultaneously for maximum effectiveness. The individual bottle is intended for people already using the Triton Method that ONLY need to replace 1 part of the 4 part set.

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