Triton Base Elementz 4 Part Balanced Ionic Solution 4 Liters

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Triton Base Elementz 4 Part Balanced Ionic Solution

Triton Base Elementz - A Reef Builders Editor's Pick. Base Elementz is a super high-quality product! The backbone of the Triton "method", Base Elementz helps maintain the proper carbonate hardness, calcium, and trace elements in your system. Base Elementz has been developed to deliver vital macro and trace elements to reef aquaria. The trace elements provided not only benefit corals, they also provide for the algae in the refugium which support vital nutrient export in the aquariums natural filtration cycles.  Base Elementz is a balanced 4 part formula of elements, which helps foster coral growth, healthy polyp extension and sharp color.  When converting an established system to the Triton "method", we recommend an initial water analysis. 

DOSING NOTES:  Part 1 is in granular form while parts 2, 3A and 3B are liquids each contained in 1 liter bottles.  Mix part 2, 3A and 3B with 9 liters of RO/DI water each and always keep them separate.  Then mix part 1 into its own solution of RO/DI water to match the volume of the other 3 solutions. The amount of RO water needed to match the other 3 containers is approx 9.66 liters.  (although part 3a and part 3B can be combined into a single 8 liters of RO/DI water to create a combined 10 liters of solution, the high concentration of elements present in the solution can possibly crystalize within the dosing tubes of some dosing equipment making for increased hardware maintenance. For this reason only, it is recommended to keep all four parts separate.  If dosing them seperate you should end up with 4x 10liter stock solutions. What is more important than diluting to create exactly 10 liters, is that all four parts are of the same dilution.  Since you will be dialing the dosing milliliters pr day to achieve a stable daily alkalinity of 8 dkh, it is more important that all solutions are of the same volume.  

Prior to starting with the Base Elementz, the carbonate hardness (alkalinity) of your aquarium should be measured and, if necessary, slowly adjusted to reach 8 DKH .  As a starting dose, Triton recommends a dose of 10 ml of each of the four parts of Elementz solutions per 100 l of tank capacity every day. This is optimized by use of an automatic doser with 4 separate channels. Be sure to add the elements individually and at different places in the tank, in order to prevent the agents from reacting with one another. Continue testing for carbonate hardness on a daily basis. If it increases, reduce the quantity of each Elementz solution. If the hardness decreases, slowly increase the quantity added. Measure carbonate hardness every day until it remains constant; once this has occurred, you have arrived at your individual dosage of Elementz.

Experience shows that conversion to the TRITON method results in significant coral growth and the consumption of Elementz rises as well. For this reason you should measure carbonate hardness regularly in the first few months - ideally 3 - 4 times a week - so that consumption can be adjusted, if necessary. NOTE: Since calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate are components of Base Elementz, they combine to create Sodium Chloride, therefore increasing the specific gravity of the aquarium. In order to avoid overdosing Base Elementz and to assure a safe specific gravity in your aquarium, please remove an amount aquarium water roughly equivalent to half of the Base Elementz dosage amount on a weekly basis. A significant helping agent to maintaining the specific gravity is how wet the protein skimmer runs.  In some tanks, enough saltwater is removed via skimming to balance the specific gravity by itself.  (the skimmer removes enough salt ions to neutralize the addition of elements being dosed daily) However, the best indication of whether or not you need to dilute the salt level in the aquarium is by testing with a properly calibrated refractometer.  

Periodic water analysis from Triton is recommended so that your aquarium water chemistry can be fine tuned.  Using this product on a daily basis will result in extremely stable and accurate levels of all macro and trace elements, but since every tank is different, only a water analysis will reveal the small deviations that occur from tank to tank.  For example, an aquarium heavily stocked with Montipora may require additional zinc or nickel compared to a similar reef aquarium with no Montipora. Please look at the other Triton products offered on our site which are designed to be used for this "fine tuning" process.   Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, welcome to empowered reef keeping! 

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