Simplicity Ultra Carbon 410 10 oz. High Quality Reef Carbon

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Simplicity Ultra Carbon 410 10 oz.

Why pay more for high quality reef grade carbon for your aquarium? Now you don't need to buy bulk reef supplies to get the best price!  Do you really need 55 pounds of Carbon taking up all that space in your garage? OF COURSE YOU DON'T!

Simplicity brand Ultra Carbon 410 offers the finest quality reef grade carbon at an awesome price!

How Much to Use:
Use approximately 1/2 cup per 25 gallons.

How to Use:
Rinse before use. For best result use in a filter media reactor. Media in reactor should tumble gently. If the media tumbles too forcefully it can break apart and the resulting particles can be deadly to fish and corals. May also be used in a filter bag in a high water flow area.

Recommended Replacement Schedule:
Replace every 60-90 days depending upon bio-load.

Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children. May be harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with skin and hands. In case of contact rinse area thoroughly with water.

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