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Sera Vipan 2.1 oz Tropical Fish Food Flakes

  • $ 11.95

The staple food for all ornamental fish

Sera Vipan is the universal staple food consisting of carefully manufactured flakes for all fish, especially for those that eat at the water surface.

The carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness.

Since the tasty and shape retaining flakes float for a long time they are eaten entirely and do not pollute the water. The balanced, wholesome composition ensures nutrition close to nature and supports healthy development, splendid appearance and natural behavior.

Sera Vipan is a well-balanced universal flake food consisting of more than 40 ingredients for the daily feeding of all ornamental fish in community aquariums. The milk proteins and other nutrients as well as the vitamins contained in Sera Vipan make the food very easy digestible for the fish. Regularly feeding Sera Vipan ensures a fast and healthy growth.

2.1 oz. (250 ml / 60 g)

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