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Sera Marin GVG-Mix Fish Food 2.1 oz

  • $ 15.95

The marine water flake food with whole food animals as delicacies.

Sera Marin GVG-Mix is the staple food consisting of carefully manufactured flakes and dried whole food animals for all marine fish that prefer to eat at the surface.

The tasty, varied blend is rich in minerals and trace elements such as iodine, and thus optimally fulfills the natural requirements. This effectively prevents deficiencies. Healthy growth, liveliness, splendid appearance and strong disease resistance are supported

The food keeps its shape, is easily digestible and does not pollute the water.

Sera GVG-Mix Marin is a high quality staple diet for all marine fish. Marine species require more iodine and other minerals than freshwater fish. Sera GVG-Mix Marin provides an optimum level of these elements through its blend of flakes and freeze dried tidbits, making it easy to feed marine fish a varied diet.

2.1 oz. (250 ml)

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