Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD Pro Pack 4x 500mL Bottles

  • $ 48.95

The Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD, 4-Supplement Pack (4 x 500ml) combines the four Red Sea Coral Color products to provide the 31 minor and trace elements required by corals:

    •    Coral Colors A - Halogens (I2, Br, F2) (1- 500ML)
    •    Coral Colors B - Potassium & Boron (1- 500ML)
    •    Coral Colors C - Fe & 7 Complementary Metals (1- 500ML)
    •    Coral Colors D - 18 Bioactive Trace Elements (1- 500ML)

The elements in each supplement are related by their biological function and are associated with the production of specific color pigments (Pink, Red, Green/Yellow and Purple/Blue) in the soft tissue of stony corals. All 31 elements are required by all stony corals irrespective of the actual color the coral displays.

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