Kessil A360Ne Narrow Angle E-Series Dimmable Controller Ready Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED

  • $ 349.00
  • Save $ 50

The New Kessil A360Ne Narrow Angle E-Series Dimmable Aquarium Controller Ready Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light.

The Kessil A360Ne takes the A350 one step further. The A360Ne is controller ready and designed for use with the Neptune Apex Controller (the Apex Jr. & Apex Lite will require the VDM Module). With the A360Ne and a Neptune Apex Controller (with a the Kessil Controller Cable) you can control both the intensity and the color temperature of the Kessil A360Ne. This will require two control channels on the Apex. Kessil A360Nes can then be daisy-chained together (with the Kessil Daisy-Chain Cable) and controlled from a single Apex Controller.

Multiple Kessil A360Nes can be controlled with a single Apex Controller two channels are required for each Kessil controlled. Future versions of the Apex Controller software will add functionality to the Kessil A360Ne. An example of this added functionality is a more gradual dimming and color shift.

Even without using the Apex Controller, the A360Ne improves on the A350. The A360Ne is brighter than the A350. The A350 loses intensity when you turn down the blue or white intensity knobs. The A360Ne is 55% brighter when just using either the blue or white LEDs. When all the LEDs are on full the A360Ne is 25% brighter than the A350.

The A360Ne still has the two knobs, just like the A350. But instead of one knob controlling the blue LEDs and the second knob controlling the white LEDs, one knob is used to control overall intensity and the other knob the blue/white LED spectrum mix. You can tune a preferred color within the spectral range thousands of research and testing hours determined to be the optimal spectral points.

The Kessil A360Ne Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light brings out the vivid colors of corals with the specially created spectrums of the A360Ne. While it is hard to compare the Kessil to 250 Watt metal halide lights, the 90 Watt Kessil has a greater effective light spectrum for corals than a 250 Watt metal halide. This is partly due to the efficient use of electricity with LEDs, partly a function of higher percentage of the light being directed downward and partly because a very high percentage of the light spectrum with the Kessil A360Ne Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light is useful to corals.

The Kessil A360Ne will result in thriving corals with lower electricity bills, less of a need for a chiller and no bulb replacement costs. The lightweight Kessil light, which weighs just over a pound, can be easily hung above the tank from with the two built in mounting tabs (that can be attached to a chain or other hanging mechanism), or can be clamped to the tank with the Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount.

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