Aqueon OptiBright LED Aquarium Light Fixture 48" - 54"

  • $ 89.95

Aqueon OptiBright LED Fixture 48" - 54"

The Aqueon OptiBright LED aquarium lights are perfect for Freshwater fish tanks, Marine fish only and FOWLER aquariums, and for saltwater reef refugiums. These are not recommended for live coral reef aquariums. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights do not require replacement and these energy saving LED lamps use up to 70% energy than comparable T8 fluorescent lamps!

The slim, low-profile OptiBright™ LED fixture features built-in LED lighting ideal for freshwater or marine aquariums with low to medium light level corals. Two individual touch controls provide the option to have the white/red LEDs on during the day and the blue moon glow LEDs at night. The fixture also includes adjustable legs that can be extended to accommodate multiple aquarium lengths.

  • 48" Fixture. Legs extend to 54".
  • Red, white and blue LEDs
  • Appropriate for fish-only tanks
  • Separate waterproof touch control buttons for blue (moon glow accent for night) and white/red LEDs. One power cord. Timer compatible
  • 76X white LEDs; 10X blue LEDs; 10X red LEDs

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