Aqueon Herbivore Shrimp Food 1.5oz Jar - ASAP Aquarium

Aqueon Herbivore Shrimp Food 1.5oz Jar

  • $ 9.99

Aqueon Shrimp Discs are ideal for freshwater shrimp and crustaceans like crayfish. These sinking discs are approximately 9mm in diameter so multiple shrimp can feed at a time. Formulated with no fish meal to mimic a more natural diet and boosted with color enhancers and Bentonite Clay for exoskeletal development.
  • Ideal for shrimp in Genus Neocaridina, such as Cherry and Blueberry Shrimp
  • Contains Bentonite Clay to aid with molting and strong shell production
  • No Fish Meal
  • Mimics Natural Diet
  • Enhances Color

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