AquaTop CPS-24 Circulating Pump w/ Suction Cup Mount, 3,170 GPH

  • $ 39.85

AquaTop CPS-24 Circulating Pump w/ Suction Cup Mount will improves the environment for your little creatures by simulating the flow of natural currents. The CPS-24 Circulating Pump is compact but powerful, and it sits on an articulating ball joint that allows a wide, 360-degree range of motion. This version features dual outputs with two impellers and two output heads. You can easily adjust the angle of your pump to provide water flow where you never thought possible. In addition, the new suction cup mounting system provides a sturdy and secure hold to any glass or acrylic surface.
  • Flow rate: 3,170 GPH
  • Dimensions: 6.5 X 4.25 X 3 (without the suction cup)
  • 24 Watts

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