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Seachem Focus 5 grams

  • ¥1,800

Antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish. It is intended to be used with other medications to help bind the medication to the food source. Use alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the loss of medication to the water through diffusion. Treats fungal and bacterial infections.

Focus is an antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish. Focus is primarily intended to be mixed with food or other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the loss of medication to the water through diffusion. For use in freshwater or marine aquaria.

When to Use a Medicated Food Mix:
  • Your fish has an internal infection; Bloating, abnormal stools, loss of appetite, and weight loss are all signs of a potential internal infection.
  • You are already treating with a medication in the water; Sometimes fish will develop several infections at the same time, requiring multiple medications. Seachem does not recommend dosing two medications into the water, but it is possible to put one medication in the food and the other in the water.
  • There are corals, plants, or invertebrates in the tank; Using a medicated food mix will prevent damage to delicate plants or invertebrates from medication.
Focus is appropriate for treating a variety of internal infections of fish. Popeye, Ich (White Spot), Hole in the Head, Head and Lateral Line Erosion, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Dropsy, Mouth Rot are some of the more common diseases treatable with Focus as part of a medicated food mix. Be aware that many diseases and infections share similar physical and behavioral symptoms, e.g. clamped fins, lesions, loss of appetite.

Focus should be combined with another medication to treat your fish’s specific infection. Research your fish’s symptoms to find the right medication for their disease.

Dosing in Food:
Stir together the medicated food mix (recipe below) before feeding. Feed the fish once daily as much as they can consume in about 1 minute. Treatment periods will vary but it is recommended to treat for at least a week. This medicated food can be refrigerated or frozen between feedings.
  • 1 scoop of medication if choice.
  • 1 scoop Focus.
  • 1 tbsp food (preferably pellets or frozen food).
  • A few drops of water if using a dry food
To enhance palatability use with GarlicGuard or Entice.

Seachem Medications for Medicated Food Mixes:
  • MetroPlex: Treats internal and external parasites and bacterial infections
  • KanaPlex: Treats internal and external bacterial and fungal infections
  • SulfaPlex: Treats external fungal and bacterial infections
  • NeoPlex: Treats bacterial infections of the intestines
Aquarium Use Only. Keep Away from Children. For ornamental fish only. Not for human consumption. Not to be used in conjunction with animals used for human consumption.

Size: 5 grams