ICYMI - Weekly Roundup of Reef & Aquarium News Around the Web 02.27.16

In case you missed it, here's a roundup of this week's ocean, reef & aquarium news from around the web.....

invasive speciesThis past week was invasive species week, here's a list of 5 invasive species you might want to know about.

Mola MolaNatGeo tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Giant Molas.

Beginner AcrosHere's a list of great beginner Acros, courtesy of Salt Water Smarts.

Pectina CoralReefs.com has a nice write up on Pectina Corals.

Paul Allen's YachtRock stars trash hotel rooms, but billionaires trash protected reefs!

Shark IDThink you know sharks? Test your knowledge here.

Fish FartsFish farts are making the ocean a noisy place.

deformed coralOcean acidification is responsible for stunted coral growth, not global warming.

Unique CoralsReefstock 2016 promises some sweet corals. Check it out in Denver this weekend!

Fragniappe 2016Speaking of frag swaps, Bayou Reefkeeping is hosting Fragniappe 2016 on March 5th. Mark your calendars!