How to Remove the Fishy Odor from Your Protein Skimmer

Dirty SkimmerProtein skimmers are great at remove dissolved organic waste from a reef aquarium, however the waste skimmate that builds up in the collection cup can start to really stick up your house. Here's a quick tip on how to help keep your house from smelling like the docks at your local fish market in between servicing.

Carbon PadsTake a small, round carbon pad and place it on top of your skimmer collection cup, making sure to cover the air holes on top. This will allow the stench exiting from the skimmer collection cup to pass through the carbon, thus remove most of the odor before entering the air in your house.

It's really easy to become nose deaf (anosmia) to the scents emanating from your fish tank but your significant other can probably still smell it, so be sure to use carbon in your tank to help control odor from the main tank, and a carbon pad on top of your skimmer to help get the stink out!