List of Frag Swaps & Aquarium Expos 2015

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Below is list of the Frag Swaps and Aquarium Expos for 2015. Please book mark this page and check back regularly for show updates and new show additions. If you are hosting a frag swap or aquarium expo and would like to have it listed here, please email us your show information. Be sure to include the date, city and state, name of the show and a link to a webpage or social media page. Below the list you will find a Frag Swap FAQ.

1/17/2015 Madison Wisconsin MARS Frag Swap
1/31/2015 Spartanburg South Carolina SCAA Carolina Aquatics Trade Show
2/7/2015 Lancaster Pennsylvania RCS Winter Frag Swap
2/7/2015 Las Vegas Nevada LVMAS Coral Farmer's Market
2/7/2015 Tampa Bay Florida Florida Frag Swap
2/15/2015 Bloomington Illinois BNARC Frag Swap
2/21/2015 Denver Colorado Reef Builders Reef Stock
2/22/2015 Lansing Michigan Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap
2/28/2015 Houston Texas MARSH Reef Currents 2015
2/28/2015 Strongsville Ohio LEAR Lake Eerie Frag Fest 2015
2/28/2015 Placentia California So Cal Reefer's Market
3/7/2015 Marquette Michigan UPMMAS Frag Swap 2015
3/7/2015 Slidell Louisiana Bayou Reef Keeping Fragniappe 2015
3/7/2015 Storrs Connecticut New England Frag Farmer's Market
3/7/2015 Waterloo Iowa GIRS Spring Fest 2015
3/15/2015 St. Louis Missouri SLASH 2015 Frag Swap
3/21/2015 Dayton Ohio WORC 2015 Frag Swap
3/21/2015 Plover Wisconsin CWRS Frag Swap 2015
3/21/2015 Riverhead New York Long Island Aquarium NERAC IX
3/28/2015 Indianapolis Indiana INDMAS 2015 Frag Swap
3/28/2015 Janesville Wisconsin So. Wi. Frag Swap 2015
4/11/2015 Orlando Florida Florida Reef-a-Palooza
4/18/2015 Costa Mesa California MAX Marine Aquarium Expo 2015
4/18/2015 Twin Cities Minnesota TCMAS 2015 Frag Swap
4/19/2015 Costa Mesa California MAX Marine Aquarium Expo 2015
4/19/2015 Warwick Rhode Island OSRAS 2015 Frag Swap
4/25/2015 Nashville Tennessee MTRC 2015 Frag Swap
5/02/2015 Raleigh North Carolina Reef Smart 2015
6/7/2015 Chicago Illinois CMAS 2015 Frag Swap
6/7/2015 Dania Florida Florida Frag Swap
6/27/2015 Secaucus New Jersey New York Reef-a-Palooza
9/4/2015 Washington D.C. MACNA 2015
9/12/2015 Fredonia Wisconsin Wisconsin Fragstock 2015
9/26/2015 Columbus Ohio CORA 2015 Frag Swap
9/26/2015 Salt Lake City Utah Mountain West Reef Fest
10/03/2015 Fargo North Dakota Red River Reef & Reptile Expo 2015
10/03/2015 Columbia South Carolina CMAC Carolina Marine Aquarium Expo 2015
10/03/2015 Springfield Missouri Ozark Reef Fest 2015
10/10/2015 Costa Mesa California Reef-a-Palooza
10/17/2015 Lancaster Pennsylvania Fall Frag Swap
10/17/2015 Virginia Beach Virginia Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarium Expo (MAMAX)
10/17/2015 Groten Connecticut CTARS Marine Aquarium Conference 2015
10/18/2015 Lexington Kentucky Coral & Frag Swap of the Bluegrass 2015
10/24/2015 Orlando Florida CoralCon
11/06/2015 Schaumberg Illinois Aquatic Experience Chicago
11/22/2015 Plymouth Minnesota TCMAS 2015 Fall Expo & Frag Swap


Frag swap faq

How to prepare and what to expect at a frag swap.

What is a frag swap?

Frag swaps provide reefers an opportunity to buy, trade and sell captive grown coral to other hobbyists. Typically a local reef club secures a venue, solicits vendors to buy booth space, hires notable speakers, and holds a raffle where they typically give away thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and livestock.

How do people transport coral?

Some people set up small frag tanks at the swap and then bag coral as it's sold. Other people prepackage coral in deli cups for easy "grab and go" purchasing.

Do I have to trade or can I sell coral?

Most vendors place a dollar value on coral and trade for cash. It's difficult sometimes to find someone who wants to make a direct swap.

If I rent a booth at a frag swap will I sell all the coral I bring?

You're likely to find someone who is willing to trade for coral or buy an item at a reduced price toward the end of the swap. You may not sell all of your coral. Some people donate leftover frags to local schools or educational outreach programs.

Is food available at the frag swap?

Typically there is food and beverages available for purchase at a frag swap venue, however you should check with the organizer of the frag swap to be sure.

How does the raffle work?

Manufacturers, hobbyists and stores donate product for the raffles. You buy raffle tickets when you arrive, and wait for the raffle prizes to be drawn. You can walk away with frags, product samples, pumps and even brand new aquariums.

What should I bring to a frag swap?

If you are attending as a buyer, you should bring cash (however most vendors do accept credit cards now), a stryofoam cooler (for your frag purchases), and a list of what you want to buy (both live stock and equipment / dry goods). Having a list pre-made can help you avoid making purchases for things you do not want or need, and can also help you remember what it is that you actually do need to buy.


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