American Marine Pinpoint pH Controller -

American Marine Pinpoint pH Controller

  • ¥30,100

The American Marine PINPOINT pH Controller is perfect for the freshwater planted aquarium keeper as well as the serious saltwater hobbyist.

PINPOINT pH Controller is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the appropriate probe and calibration fluids. This device will automate up to 2 electrical devices such as a magnetic solenoid for the addition of CO2 into an aquaculture system or will control 2 separate pumps as in a hydroponic system.

This controller has the ability to control pH in both a downward and upward direction. The user will select his or her own setpoint and any range of acceptable pH around this setpoint. This full featured controller will handle up to 3.0 amps at 120 VAC.
  • Excellent for Calcium Reactor Setups.
  • Excellent to control pH up and pH down hydroponic system pumps.
  • Additional calibration fluid.
  • Replacement pH probe with storage bottle.
  • 15 ft extension cable.
PINPOINT pH Controller includes:
pH Controller with attached pH Probe

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