25 Reef Frag Tiles Cured for Live Coral Propagation

  • ¥1,800

This is for a set of 25 Cured Reef Frag Tiles for live coral propagation.

Our Cured Reef Frag Tiles are designed to sit directly next to each other with no gaps between the tiles, thus allowing corals to grow and spread across them for easy propagation.They are bright white, and measure measure 1-1/4“ x 1-1/4“ and 3/8“ thick. They are made from 100% pure Caribsea reef sand.  This sand is a natural calcium based sand which has been shown to speed the spread of coralline algae growth and corals on the plugs.

Tile the bottom of your frag tank and in no time you will have frags ready for sale with no effort at all. Remove the tile with the frag on it and replace it with a new tile. This is the easiest way to catch loose frags with little or no effort, and allowing you to maximize your frag tank productivity and profitability!

Our cured frag plugs work well with all of the top frag glues on the market!


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