Tuesday Tech Tips - How To Maximize Water Flow in an Aquarium

water flowWater flow in a marine and reef aquarium is essential to the health of your corals and livestock, and it is necessary to ensure your filtration works properly in overflow systems. Here's a few quick tech tips to make sure you water keeps flowing!

clean overflowCheck your overflow pre-filters for blockage. If you find bits of algae growing on your overflow skimmer combs, use an old tooth brush to remove it. This will help keep the water flowing properly through to your overflow and you sump or refugium, and will also help with the oxygen gas exchange rate.

Dirty circulation pumpMake sure your circulation pumps are free of any obstructions and are operating at their optimal flow rate. Remove and obstructions from the filter screens by using an old tooth brush. If you find you have excessive purple algae growth on your circulation pumps, remove them and soak in white vinegar to easily remove the crusty coraline algae and to restore optimal performance.

clogged aquarium returnsCheck your return nozzles and filter screens and remove any obstructions as needed. Also be sure to change dirty filter socks. Keeping your water flowing is another way to help ensure optimal health for your live coral and marine fish!