Sunday Invertebrates - The Flame Scallop

flame scallopThe Flame Scallop (Lima scabra) is sure to get noticed in any reef aquarium. It's long sensory tentacles give this bi-valve the appearance of having red flaming lips! Hailing from the Caribbean to the Indo-Pacific region, the Flame Scallop can grown to a maximum size of about 3.5" inches. In the aquarium hobby, most are between 2" inches to 3.5" inches.

flame scallop white tentaclesThe Flame Scallop requires frequent feedings of phytoplankton, and it is recommended that a liquid food solution be fed directly to it several times daily. Minimum tank size is 10 gallons, and be sure to provide cavernous rock work, as the Flame Scallop prefers to lie in dim areas near the sandy bottom.

electric flame scallopThe Flame Scallop is a wonderful addition to any reef tank, however it should be monitored closely especially if there are sea stars, hermit crabs, and predatory fish in the same tank, as they are prone to having their gorgeous orange / red tentacles picked at. A variation of the Flame Scallop is the Electric Flame Scallop which has the appearance of light blue electrical charges dancing across the mantle just inside the shell.