How to Clean Aquarium Filter Socks

Filter SockFilter socks are a great way to remove detritus from your aquarium. They generally come in 2 sizes to fit different sumps, either 4" inch diameter rings, or 7" inch diameter rings. Depending on the material and how fine it is will determine how much stuff they will filter out of your water. Eventually all filter socks become clogged up with the detritus they are filtering out and they need to be replaced or cleaned.

Dirty filter socks in a washerA great way to save money and the the longest life out of your filter socks is to clean them. You can use a variety of methods to clean your filter socks including rinsing them in hydrogen peroxide or washing them in a washing machine without soap.

dirty and clean filter socksThe best way to clean your filter socks and to remove organics is to turn them inside out, thoroughly rinse them with hot water, then soak them in bleach for 24 hours. Then you will want to make sure all the bleach is rinsed out before using them in your sump, so rinse thoroughly with hot water again, and then soak them in SeaChem Prime for 24 hours before adding to your filter. This will remove the ammonia and chlorine and make it safe to use the filter socks again.