How to Care for Mangroves in a Reef Aquarium

Mangrove SeedlingMangroves have become increasingly popular in reef aquariums as a natural means of controlling nitrates. These marine and brackish water starter plants are readily available at local fish stores and from online sellers. However proper care should be given to these plants, as any other fish, coral or invertebrate that you intend to keep in your aquarium.

Red Mangroves in the WildThe leaves should be elevated well above the water line, and the should be given a dedicated, intense, bright light source. Also, be sure to regularly wipe the salt residue from top of the leaves with fresh water. A proper substrate should be provided for the root system to grow into. Typically refugium substrates are suitable, a nutrient rich reef mud such as Eco Systems Miracle Mud or Walt Smith's Fiji Mud.

Mangrove AquariumGiven proper light, substrate, positioning and leaf care, the Red Mangrove will thrive in your reef aquarium and provide an excellent source of natural nitrate control.