Friday Fish Facts - The Neon Goby

Neon GobyThe Neon Goby (Gobiosoma oceanops) hails from the Tropical Eastern Atlantic regions, and is a striking addition to any SPS dominated reef aquarium. This Goby can grow to a maximum size of 2" inches, and and is typically between 1" to 2" inches in the aquarium hobby. Minimum tank size required is 10 gallons.

Neon GobyThe Neon Goby is a carnivore that requires daily feedings of brine shrimp, mysid shrimp or other finely chopped meaty preparations. It will benefit from supplemental vitamin enrichment such as Brightwell Vitamarin M. If no substrate is present in the aquarium, the Neon Goby should be fed 2-3 times per day.

goby cleaning tangThe Neon Goby earns it's name from the bright blue stripe that runs horizontally across the length of it's black body. The blue stripe contrasted against the black body makes this fish a visual stunner. The Neon Goby is a peaceful fish, and should be kept with peaceful tank mates. Additionally, the Neon Goby is a cleaner fish, meaning it will pick the parasites off other tank mates and help keep your reef fish healthy and disease free.

mating neon gobyWhen paired in a reef aquarium, the Neon Goby will readily mate and breed eggs in a empty shell or crevice. They are known to become very territorial when mating and will defend their eggs aggressively. The baby Neon Gobys, when hatched, should be fed small meaty foods such as rotifers and artemia.