Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag

  • ¥6,000

Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag uses a 1” diameter x 1” long ultra high strength Neodymium magnet that will keep the feeding clip in place when big fish such as Angelfish, Naso Tangs, Triggerfish or Harlequin wrasse feed. Watch the surprise in your big fishes’ eyes as they try but can’t yank the clip off. Be sure to fold the SeaVeggies sheet so that it forms a thick layer that stays in the clip jaws.

MegaVeggieMag is a very powerful magnetically coupled clip and feeding point for holding seaweed or other food items on aquarium walls. It can be easily positioned at any level and removed from the aquarium without getting one's hands wet.

The clip assembly floats if it becomes uncoupled, and the outer magnet has a special grip and release polymer that holds it on the wall if the clip becomes uncoupled. Safe for glass and acrylic, but one must prevent picking up sand or gravel that would scratch the aquarium.

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