Neptune Apex

Neptune Systems Apex Controllers

Neptune Apex controllers, probes and feeders deliver the technology you need to maintain optimum health and growth in your saltwater aquarium. Among the best values available in multifunction controllers, Neptune Systems Apex controllers take care of the essential day-to-day functions in your tank. Buy Neptune Apex controllers and rediscover the simple joys of observing the saltwater world you have created.

All-in-one functionality means that Neptune Apex aquarium controllers provide exceptional value. The manufacturer supplies a quick-start guide that helps you get your system up and running. Neptune also makes technical support available for backup and troubleshooting as needed.

A variety of probes for monitoring dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and more allow you to customize your Apex control system to suit your system. Add an expansion module for even greater functionality. Neptune Apex controllers feature Ethernet connectivity and technology that enables remote monitoring from your mobile device. If you’re looking for Apex Aqua Controllers for sale, you’ve made the right choice for your tank and your peace of mind!