Aqua Maxx Coral-Eye 5W CREE Blue LED Coral Flashlight

  • $ 39.95

Use the Aqua Maxx Coral Eye to see Corals POP at Home or Before You Buy at the LFS or Frag Swap!

Powerful 5 Watt LED Flashlight featuring high-quality actinic blue CREE LED.

Great for viewing corals in stores, at frag swaps / trade-shows and home at night to inspect their health, color and fluorescence. Featuring a 5W CREE LED chip, thermo protection and multiple operating modes make it the perfect accessory or gift for any reef hobbyist.

  • 5W CREE LED diode for higher output, truer color and longer life
  • Bright blue spectrum brings out coral fluorescence
  • Thermo-Protection circuitry lowers output if the flashlight overheats: helps to extend the life of the LED
  • 3 operating modes:
    High Output: great for viewing corals in stores and at frag swaps / trade-shows
    Low Output: perfect for feeding corals at high and viewing nighttime critters in your aquarium
    Strobe: simulate lightning, great for check the health of clams
  • Adjustable Focus: flood (wide) to spot (narrow)
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Convenient carrying wrist strap and belt clip
  • 3 AAA batteries required (sold separately)
*Please note: AquaMaxx Coral-Eye is not waterproof and cannot be used under water.

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