Coral Essentials

The Sustainable Reefs Coral Essentials method and product line provides care, lovin' and goodness for all your marine aquarium coral, critters and their scaly friends.

Sustainable Reefs Coral Essentials method is based on the techniques they've adopted from thorough experimentation and extensive experience growing coral in marine aquarium environments, from small aquariums to large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. This experience, and the knowledge gained from many hours experimenting and trying a multitude of different supplement regiments, has resulted in fine tuning the products that are the best for a closed system marine environment. Results speak for themselves and Sustainable Reefs have been producing the best commercially aquacultured SPS coral in Australia and around the world.

While many manufacturers of marine aquarium supplements have tried to make things simple by premixing the various Calcium, Carbonate and Magnesium solutions with certain trace elements mixes, Coral Essentials believes it is better to have full control over these essential additional elements. They have kept it simple for newcomers, and also allowed total control for the experienced aquarists, with a concise range of products to ensure your marine aquarium is the best it can possibly be.